My Art … The “Turning Point” when it became “art”

Titled:  Ashes to Beauty – This piece truly was a turning point for me. My art mentor challenged me to submit a piece to the Yosemite Renaissance … It was the first time I acknowledged that My work could be considered art.
IMG_1474 2
Titled:  Retirement Road Trip – My 1st piece made solely from ties (with the exception of the border).  My husband was known at work for his collection of ties.  His retirement party theme was “Say Goodbye to the Tie”.  He did, and I used ONLY his ties to make this piece.  I challenge myself with something new in every piece I create … and this one was definitely using only the colors his collection of ties had to offer.  We couldn’t wait to begin our Retirement Road trip directly following this party.
Title: Charlie, Calvin & Hobbs – Finding my new “place” re-creating art from men’s silk ties,  I made this piece for my “miracle”, great nephew, Charlie.  (Attributes and prayers are sewn into the leaves and sky).  His bedroom theme is Calvin & Hobbs … but, Charlies’ piece finds its rest in their living room … and I am happy.
Pygmy Owl in Log
Titled:  Holding on to Home – This piece was inspired from several articles I read on Pygmy Owls and my love of Yosemite. It is made from men’s silk ties, silk thread and a piece of wood I found in West Lake Tahoe.
Titled: “Wherever you may land“. Made from silk ties, silk threads and a piece of wood I found. This is a piece I made for my prayer partner. We have met every week for over 15 years for prayer and growth. She will be moving soon …. I wanted her to know I will “solidly” remain her friend and prayer partner wherever she may land.


Title:  “I Love You, I Do” – A piece I made for my daughter and son-in-law for their wedding gift.  It is from a beach near the Rio Vista Bridge where they 1st confessed their love for each other.  It is made from recycled silk ties … a slice of ruffle from “my” wedding dress, a slice of fabric from the dress I wore to her wedding and a “hidden Mickey” from one of Barry’s favorite ties!


Title: “You are My World” – a piece that I did for my niece and her soon-to-be-hubby. It is made from recycled ties and silk threads … inspired from various photos she shared with me from their trip to the Rocky Mountains. The outside border is Scottish wool from ties her grandpa use to wear.


Enter For Lorelei – “There’s no Place Like Home”. I made a piece for her brother, Charlie’s birth inspired from his mama’s favorite cartoon … it seemed only fitting to create Lorelei’s after her dad’s favorite childhood movie.  Made with cotton and recycled ties.


Title: “Mountain Beetle Pandemic 11-2019

I envisioned this piece while making hundreds of masks during the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 outbreak. The Mountain Beetle has been playing havoc on trees in NorCal for years. It is not hard to find trees affected by the beetle.

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