The Beginning … When it was “landscape quilting”.


03 08 09_2271_edited-1
This is the first quilt I ever made. Inspired from “Starry Night”. It is special to me for soooo many reasons; of course, one being that it was my first. It is the quilt that birthed creative passion and purpose. I made it for my niece, Brittany, who is an artist as well. Just recently, I came across an oil painting she did inspired by “Starry Night” (in her garage for goodness sakes!) and begged her to let me have it. Now we both display each others rendition of starry night.
My 2nd piece … “The Moment” – I made this quilt for my husband following a family trip to the beach, just days before our daughter was flying across the country to college. She was walking away from us, toward the beach … it was so cathartic … I told my husband “we will never forget this moment”. Now “the moment” is hanging in his office at work.
This is the photo that inspired me to create the above piece for my hubby. It will ALWAYS be a top favorite!


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